Register to walk our runway


*The model must be between the ages of 3-16 years, and the online form must be properly filled and submitted by parent or guardian.

For parents who will love their kids to participate as models at the 2017 African Kids and Teen Fashion Week, you are required to fill the online form.
Below are privileges of having your wards be part of the models to be on the run way at the 2017 AKTFW.

• The AKTFW is a platform for empowerment and social interaction.
• It gives the kids the opportunity to be confident and motivated.
• It grants the children the opportunity to be part of Africa’s top kid/teenage super models.

Selection Process

• Application closes 31st of August, 2017.
• Models will go through a screening process.
• Short listing is done in collaboration with a panel that is made up of established designers and top modeling agents.
• Only those who attend the training sections will be allowed to be on the run way at the fashion show proper.