The African Kids Fashion Week is an event created to showcase and promote African fashion for children.

June Wisse

June Wisse

June Alaare Wisse, a 9-year-old Nigerian-Dutch model, was born June 18th, 2013 in Tema, Ghana. At age 3, her remarkable modeling talent was discovered by her mom and she has been in front of a camera ever since then; posing as a muse for prominent photographers like Mofe Bamuyiwa, an arts and portrait photography journalist, modelling for designers like Sleek Clothes and Jewelleries and Heiress Couture Nigeria and walking the runway for various brands such as the charity event organised by La Mode Mag for the physically challenged.

June Wisse’s pictures have been published in various magazines like Vanguard News, Nation Online and Premier league news. She was featured in the popular blog, Family Rubies. June Wisse is also known for her work as a model for the prominent children’s apparel brand, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble.

June Wisse has been involved in high fashion, editorial, commercial and runway modeling. She received international spotlight and admiration on her sixth birthday when Alicia Keys reposted her birthday photoshoot pictures taken by the photographer, Segun Wealth.

When she is not modeling, June Wisse is a passionate swimmer and ballet dancer, she also plays the piano. She loves singing and meeting new people. Her favorite color is pink and she also loves all the colours of the rainbow. June Wisse lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

June Wisse plans to continue expressing herself through fashion and modeling. She believes in channeling her creativity through the photographer’s lens while delivering the very best outcome in any kind of modeling she does. She wants to create a path for herself, redefine African art through fashion and become a model worthy of emulation by excelling beyond all restrictions.